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Internet Marketing Strategies for Dentists to Get More Patients

If dentists want to get more patients, they have to use digital marketing strategies. This is because at least 85 percent of consumers now use the Internet to find local businesses, and 73 percent of internet users research dental treatments online. As a result, dentists have many opportunities to market their practices online and reach potential patients.

Here are some internet marketing strategies for the dentist to get more patients:

Internet Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is essential for dentists because around 90 percent of online experiences begin with organic search. Therefore, dentists can use SEO to get more patients without spending advertising dollars on paid search (PPC). By applying the best SEO practices, dentists will get more traffic, leads, and conversions, which results in new patients coming into their dental practice.

The four most important points you need to rank higher on search engines are listed below:

  1. Your dental website has to be quick to load, secure (HTTPS), and mobile-friendly.
  2. You need to regularly create high-quality and informative content optimized for your target keywords.
  3. You need to make sure your site is appropriately structured and that all of your web pages are linked together.
  4. You need to build backlinks from high-quality websites.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most effective ways to connect with potential patients.

Around 78 percent of Americans use social media networks, and dentists can take advantage of this by promoting their dental practice on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer dentists a way to share their expertise, post. How to use it?

  • Share photos and videos of your practice, treatments, and patients.
  • Post informative blog posts about dental health.
  • Answer questions from potential patients on social media.
  • Connect with other dentists and industry experts on social media.
  • Use social media advertising to target potential patients.


Dentists can use the blog to create new content around their practice regularly. Creating high-quality dental-related content will rank higher in search engine result pages (SERP) and attract more website visitors that convert into new patients by using the following instructions:

  • Optimize your blog posts for your target keywords.
  • Write helpful, informative, and engaging blog posts.
  • Share your blog posts on social media.
  • Include links to your website's pages in your blog posts.
  • Use images and videos in your blog posts.

PPC (Pay per click advertising)

This is another effective way to get new patients quickly. Dentists can promote their dental practice on Google, Facebook, and other popular platforms. It's easy for them to target potential patients near their practice location. The main advantage of using PPC is that dentists will get instant results and track how many leads and new patients they get from the ads.

Video Marketing:

Many people like to watch videos, not read long blog posts on the Internet. Dentists can use video marketing strategies for their dental practice to reach more potential patients. With the help of video, they can show how their services work, what procedures they offer, etc. The dentist needs to upload plenty of relevant videos on their websites and other popular video-sharing platforms.

Email Marketing:

Dentists can use email marketing strategies to reach more potential patients for a dental practice. They don't need to spend money on buying mailing lists. Instead, with the help of free or cheap software, they can create an email campaign and send it to their current or potential patients.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Don't copy and paste promotional content from other sources.
  • Don't use spam backlinks with keyword-rich anchor text to rank your site on top of Google SERP.
  • Never write thin or plagiarized articles because it will ruin your brand image.
  • Never give wrong information (address, contact, email, etc.) on your website, which can harm your dental practice.

Lastly, always hire experts. You may feel you’re saving some money by doing digital marketing yourself. But, you will end up hurting your potentials. So, get on board a professional firm like Map-it Inc. and create a strong online presence. 
So, not only having an online presence is necessary for dentists to get more patients, they need to invest in digital marketing and SEO services as well. This calls for hiring the best digital marketer and search engine optimization expert New York.


Internet marketing is an excellent way for dentists to connect with potential patients. Using various online marketing strategies can reach more people and attract new patients. Using the right strategy can attract new patients and increase their revenue. So, what are you waiting for? Start using these strategies today!

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