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Google Ranking Factors And SEO Trends

Google, a name that everybody knows of! It is undoubtedly the dominant search engine of this era. Therefore, when it comes to ranking high on Google, you need to up your game! Here, we share a few Google ranking factors and SEO trends you must know if you own a website. So make sure to read till the end, and gather as much information as you can to elevate your site's ranking.

1- Opt for high-quality content:

The first trick to ranking higher on Google is publishing high-quality content. High-quality content does not necessarily mean that your content must encompass difficult words, complex sentences, and structure. Generally, people look for content that is easy to read, easy to understand, and rich in information.


The competition, being high, in Google, you may face a few drawbacks while writing high-quality content. But, make sure to go for an informative, easy, appealing content structure and formation. For example, you can divide your content into a few titles, meta descriptions, and sub-points. Follow these tricks, understand your audience, employ a good and experienced writer, and your content will surely rank high on Google.

2- Publish visually appealing content:

A study shows that around 65% of audiences are visual learners. They only enthusiastically read content from top to bottom, which is attractive, eye-catching, and informative. People often crave content with division, bullet points, short and crisp paragraphs, and media files.

So, you can follow these tips mentioned below to make your content visually appealing.

  • Use short and crisp paragraphs and divide your entire content into small sections.
  • Use bullets and numbering. It makes your points more prominent and clears up your points. Likewise, bullets and numbering will split the entire content into small pieces that will create an illusion of moderately shorter content.
  • Use subheadings. It enables readers to jump into the points directly they are looking for.
  • Use images, videos, links, etc., to attract readers. But, remember, the use must be relevant, to the point, and thoughtful.
  • If possible, interlink between several contents of your page. In this way, you can promote your other content through one content.

3- Optimize your page speed:

Nobody likes a website that takes a couple of minutes to get open. It seems like a waste of time. Additionally, the Google algorithm prefers content and websites that load quickly. So, when you hire a PPC agency, make sure to discuss this factor with them. Finally, always try to create a page that loads quickly. The lesser time your page will take to get loaded, the more viewers you will achieve.

Remember, when we are talking about the entire content on the page, we refer to the images, videos, and other media files you have used on the page. Therefore, if your page gets optimized in the right way, and the overall content of your page gets loaded quickly, it will undoubtedly rank higher on Google.

4- Get your hands on the right keywords:

When it comes to ranking high on Google by publishing quality content, you have to keep in mind the keywords. So, once you decide the topic your page is going to cover, make sure to look for the right keywords. Remember, your keywords should be relevant, to the point, and scoring.

But, if you somehow opt for the wrong sets of keywords, your page may attract the wrong traffic. In this way, your page will gain a negative promotion, which is indeed the last thing all website owners want. Therefore, you should get your hands on the right keywords so that your page gets organic traffic.

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Another point you must keep in mind while playing with keywords is this placement. Always try to place the relevant keywords on the right spot, and also do not overstuff your content with irrelevant keywords.

5- Make your page mobile-friendly:

Google has gone mobile since the year 2019. More than 90% of Google research takes place on mobile phones. In addition, people from all over the world use mobile phones as their primary platform for browsing Google and other search engines.

As a result, you should always opt for a mobile-friendly page. However, many searches take place on the computer, yet, your site should be mobile-friendly at first. Furthermore, Google has also stopped using desktop-only metrics while ranking sites. So, it would be wise if you ask your selected PPC agency to make your site mobile-first.

6- Up-to-date and fresh content:

People always search for content that is up to date and fresh. So, always try to add fresh information and data to your page so that Google can recognize and reward your page.

For instance, you can add current affairs, news, even data, some links, and other media for providing your viewers with recent information. But, make sure to use relevant information. Do not use unnecessary information; otherwise, it will entice the wrong traffic. For instance, if your website is about medical information or devices, you can add the world's current situation, where people are fighting against the deadly COVID. But, if you own a baking website, using these kinds of data is not essential.

7- Content length:

Content length plays a big role in ranking. However, most people think that writing lengthy content can generate lots of traffic; this is not true in reality. Viewers may feel tedious while reading long content without any gaps.

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On the other hand, publishing precisely and to the point content will seem intriguing to viewers. You can add a bunch of FAQs at the end so that all viewers can feel a bit more connected with the content.


These were a few Google ranking factors and SEO trends for all websites. Make sure to try these out at your early convenience for an optimal outcome. Until you achieve the expected ranking on Google, don't lose hope. Continue following these tips, and you will soon have your website in the first few results of the search engine. Don’t be late, get yourself noticed!

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