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The Best Free Windows 10 Backup Tool

    Why Need Windows 10 Backup Tool?

    As more and more data is stored on computers, people's awareness of protecting data security is also increasing. The most straightforward way to protect your data is to back it up. If you want to backup your Windows 10, including installation files, settings, applications and all files stored on the main drive, and those stored in different locations, you need a Windows 10 backup tool to help you.

    A professional backup tool can not only help you easily complete the backup task but also customize the service according to your needs. You can read on to learn about the best free Windows 10 backup tool and how to use it.

    The Best Free Windows 10 Backup Tool

    Next, this article will introduce the best backup software- AOMEI Backupper. As a professional backup tool, it provides System Backup, Disk Backup, Partition Backup and File Backup to meet different backup needs of users. If you want to backup your system and its settings on your system disk, you can use its System Backup feature to help you. It also has these advantages.

    • Automatic backup: You can set different backup frequencies ( Daily/Weekly/Monthly) to backup your system regularly to ensure that all changes and updates in the system are backed up in time.
    • Incremental backup: When you run a scheduled backup, the software will run the backup task using the incremental backup method by default. This can effectively improve the backup efficiency as well as save your disk space.
    • Multiple backup paths: You can backup your system to different destination paths according to your needs, such as HDD, SSD, USB flash drive, cloud drive, network location, etc.
    • Different operating systems: It is not only an excellent backup tool for Windows 10, but also supports various Windows operating systems, such as Windows 11/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, etc.

    When the hardware of an old computer fails, some users want to restore the bare metal backup they created before to the new computer. At this time, AOMEI Backupper can also help you as a bare metal backup software to solve the problem.

    How to Use the Best Free Windows 10 Backup Tool for System Backup

    After knowing this free best backup tool, you can get this backup software free download to your computer and install it. Then follow the graphic tutorial provided below. You will find that in just a few steps you can easily backup your Windows 10 including installation files, settings, applications and all files stored on your primary drive. This software has a very clean interface and easy-to-understand operation, so you can quickly complete all the steps even if you are a novice.

    Step 1. Open the best free Windows 10 backup tool - AOMEI Backupper Standard, then click Backup > System Backup.

    System Backup

    Step 2. The software will select the system and boot partitions by default as the source, so you just need to select a destination location to store the system.

    location to store the system


    You can modify the Task Name to distinguish it from other backup tasks.

    Step 3. Finally, you can click Start Backup to backup your Windows 10 via the best free Windows 10 backup tool.

    Windows 10 backup tool


    l Schedule Backup: You can backup your system with fixed intervals, such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Event trigger or USB plug in. The last two are supported by the Professional version.

    l Backup Scheme: It allows you to select different backup methods. Incremental backup and Differential backup can help you improve backup efficiency and they are available in the advanced version. After the upgrade, you can also enable automatic backup cleanup feature to delete older backups regularly.


    This article describes why you need a Windows 10 backup tool and the best free backup software - AOMEI Backupper Standard. It can help you backup your Windows 10 system easily. You can also choose different backup frequencies depending on your needs to backup your system regularly to the destination path you want. Except for Windows 10, it also supports multiple Windows systems.

    In addition, It is also an excellent free cloning software windows 10. It supports System Clone, Disk Clone and Partition Clone. If you need, it can help you clone hard drive in Windows 10 easily. You can download this freeware to explore more useful features.

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