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Freezvon Company Will Have a Positive Influence on Your Business Due to the Virtual Telephony Service

    A business does not have to connect to a fixed telephone network to acquire a flexible virtual telephone number (VN). The main thing you need is the Internet. A VN looks like a familiar phone number. Its main difference is the absence of a physical SIM card and the possibility to be used anywhere in the world. This feature is perfect for companies that carry out operations related to the export or import of goods and cooperation with foreign partners. Using the Internet makes calls to another part of the world much cheaper and without a negative impact on the quality of communication. IP telephony allows you to use any device that has access to the Internet. You just need to install the appropriate software on your computer or smartphone to talk with your partners.

    Freezvon Company

    The VN is a service that is offered by many IP telephony providers and Freezvon Company belongs to one of them. The organization is responsible for a high-level solution, offers a variety of VNs, and can boast the diversity of extra options that add value to the option as a whole. Moreover, a stable and fast Internet guarantees no noise or interference during a conversation. Data is transferred quickly and without any distractive sounds. Let’s find out the basic features of the VNs and get to know their different types.


    There are unique advantages to this solution.

    • Independence of geographic location. You can buy such a number while being in any region or country.
    • Low connection cost. There’s no need to lay telephone lines because you only need Internet access in order to acquire a city number via IP telephony.
    • Ability to integrate the number with a corporate virtual PBX. This allows you to use all the business-friendly and efficient features of VoIP telephony. We are talking about the IVR menu, call management, call recording, statistics collection, analytics, etc.
    • The price is lower than traditional telephony. VoIP is 3 times cheaper on average. The benefit of the company depends on the list of additional services, the region, and many other factors. Of course, the provider and the chosen communication tariff play a significant role in this. Moreover, all the information is thoroughly presented on the site, so everyone can easily choose the number of the desired location, as well as deal with the financial aspects of cooperation.

    By the way, the company offers purchase VNs not only for calls but for calls and SMS, only SMS, calls and fax, only fax, and toll-free solutions. The last ones are especially popular among organizations that receive a lot of incoming calls. We are talking about call centers, hotlines, online stores, and support services, the same as insurance agencies.

    Toll-free Numbers are Free for Client


    Toll-free numbers were invented in the USA in the middle of the last century, where most modern marketing tools come from. Telephone communications in America have traditionally been quite expensive. However, distance selling and direct marketing began to actively develop. That is why companies on a national scale found a way to encourage potential customers to call the numbers indicated in the advertisement.

    • The toll-free number allows you to hide the geographical affiliation of the organization. Most people associate a company from another region with extended delivery times and hard ways of resolving conflict situations.
    • Incoming calls will be distributed between employees or offices according to the algorithms you set.
    • The presence of the toll-free number immediately makes the company solid in the eyes of most potential customers.
    • Clients are able to call you from any number (even without funds in the account).
    • You can set an individual schedule for the telephone line, as well as connect a voice menu.

    Most modern large and medium-sized companies all over the world have such numbers. Meanwhile, the use of toll-free numbers is not always justified. If the scope of your business interests does not cover the whole country but only several regions, then it will be cheaper to purchase virtual mobile or city numbers in these regions. Customers will call them at local rates and incoming calls will be free for you.

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