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Highest Paying Professions in the Photography Field

    Many people find the life of a photographer very interesting. And for good reason, because they have the opportunity not only to spend time doing something interesting but also to travel to different countries in search of inspiration. However, before you start getting not only fun but also a considerable amount of money, you need to decide what area of photography you're going to work with. In today's review, we'll tell you what the highest-paying professions are in the photography field and show you behind the scenes.


    Who gets paid the most in the photo industry?

    So, the list of the highest-paid professions in photography looks as follows:
    • Stylist
    • Fashion Photographer
    • Photo Editor
    • Wedding Photographer
    • Photojournalist
    • Model
    • Food Photographer

    Get to reading! We will tell you about all the pros and cons of professions, and perhaps inspire you to do new achievements. 
    And if you want information on how to process photos, make a picture bigger, or apply filters, read Skylum's blog.


    Stylists are the people who are responsible for the makeup and clothes for the models. They are the ones who generate ideas according to the type of photo shoot. However, if you think that creativity alone is enough for success, you are deeply mistaken. Stylists need to have the right props on hand or know where they can find them as quickly as possible. It is also recommended to get special education, because it is in the courses you will be able to find out, for example, the basic color combinations or current fashion trends. The effort is worth it because you have the opportunity to earn about $30,000 a year.

    Fashion Photographer

    These photographers are some of the most in-demand, but their work is quite challenging. If you manage to break through the crowds of people who want to compete with you, you can meet a lot of superstars and make useful contacts. To work in this field, you need to know a lot about composition, because you will have to help the model in its creation. At the same time, fashion photographers do not need to learn graphic editors, so complex questions like "How to make photos larger" will bypass them. Income can not fail to please: for a year you can get up to $ 70,000.

    Photo Editor

    This is one of the most important specialists who help create true masterpieces. It is he who processes photos to make them much more attractive. Photo editors know how to make photos bigger, add different effects, lighten skin, and much more. However, it will not be easy to learn this on your own, as you will need a lot of technical skills. We advise you to take special courses to become the best specialist in the industry. The average annual salary for a photo editor is $46,000. Photo editors use the Photo editing tool Pixiz.

    Wedding Photographer

    In addition to professionalism, wedding photographers must have good interpersonal skills. After all, it is they who can accurately convey the festive atmosphere that reigns at the most important event for the newlyweds, without disturbing them. It is very important that you like lightness and fun, otherwise, you will quickly get tired of the noise of the guests. Unhappy facial expressions can ruin their celebration!

    The good points include the fact that the demand for wedding photographers is high. Annual salaries are as high as $50,000.


    These people cover special events in great detail. Their photos often appear on the front pages of newspapers and websites. You have two options: work with an agency or go freelance. Most often the first option is chosen by beginners, and the second by photographers who have been working in this industry for several years. If you have the talent to create short notes that touch the soul, your fee will be much higher.

    Remember that you will always be at the center of events and will be the first to know about the news. However, you should prepare for the fact that you will have to be in the crowd all the time. A photojournalist makes about $46,000 a year.


    Of course, our list wouldn't be complete without gorgeous and bright models. They are the real stars of photography. This work attracts many guys and girls, but not everyone can overcome the psychological barrier and feel comfortable in front of the camera. If you have an unusual appearance, be sure to try yourself in this profession!

    Of the minuses, it is worth noting that sometimes the shooting takes many hours, and you will have very little rest. As a consequence, you will feel tired. You will also have to carefully monitor your appearance. On average, models earn about $52,000 annually.

    Food Photographer

    A food photographer's job is not easy, because he or she needs to know everything about how the food will look in 1, 5, and 20 minutes. In order to make good pictures, you need a lot of professional equipment. However, nothing prevents you from starting small and buying everything you need along the way.

    Food photography is a highly competitive field. However, if you show your best side and get a lot of customers, your annual income can reach $90,000.


    Before you make a choice, well weigh the pros and cons. A high income is good, but you don't have to do anything you don't like. If you are interested in photography in general, you can visit Skylum's blog. The experts talk about many things: how to make a picture bigger or smaller, how to apply filters, what are the best photo poses, etc.

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