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Technical Ranjay - A Portal for Free Study and Govt Jobs

    If we tell you in brief then Technical Ranjan is a website and YouTube channel on which you can get so many useful updates, news, and information about the 10th and 12th classes of Bihar board and about several other government exams without any cost. It is also having a Facebook page, Youtube channel, and an amazing app providing several model papers on different subjects for students who really want to study and want to solve them for better knowledge and practice.

    What is Technical Ranjay?

    If you do not know about Technical Ranjay then let me tell you what Technical Ranjay actually is. It is an amazing portal that provides us so many facilities and helps without any cost or we can say for free. This powerful and useful portal is totally devoted to the students of the 10th and 12th classes of the Bihar government. It provides several facilities to the students for downloading their dummy admit cards, registration cards, various useful study material, etc., and gives several updates about exam dates, related news, and so on. We can easily download admit cards for the 10th and 12th classes by just clicking on the link in a few seconds which is very convenient.

    Technical Ranjay

    About is an impressive and vigorous portal which is created by a boy name Ranjay and registered on the 5th of December 2019. The main objective of this website Technical Ranjay is to provide several news and important information related to the Bihar Board exam for the students of 10th and 12 classes and several other news related to government exams and matric setup exam routine etc. By visiting the Technical Ranjay website or portal, students can get so many benefits as they can read and download different subject-wise study material and can prepare their notes for several exams freely without giving any money to anyone from the home page of Technical Ranjay, that’s why it is very helpful and useful.

    Steps for downloading admit cards from the website of Technical Ranjay

    The process for downloading admit cards by using this amazing portal is not like very complicated, it is such an easy process that can be done by anyone for downloading their admit cards at home without any amount.

    It involves only some steps which are as follows:

    1. The very first step in the process of downloading admit cards is to visit the official website of Technical Ranjay which is
    2. Now after visiting the website of this portal you will see the link of the BSEB 10th and 12th dummy admit card on which you have to click.
    3. After clicking on the link an article will open, what you have to do is, just scroll down the article and then you will see the link to the admit card. Click on the link of the admit card.
    4. Now, this link will move you to a different web page i.e.
    5. Now what you have to do is, just enter some of the details like the code of your school, your date of birth, registration number, etc.
    6. After these few steps, you will see that the admit card is visible on your screen.

    Is there any Youtube channel of Technical Ranjay

    Yes, there is also a channel of Technical Ranjay on Youtube which was created four to five years ago, having more than nine lakhs of subscribers on Youtube, with more than fifteen thousand videos which are available on this channel for free. One more related channel is there whose name is Ranjay classes which are also helpful for several knowledge-gaining purposes, having more than forty-four thousand subscribers and videos exceeding two hundred.

    If you want to have any information regarding the board exams of Bihar board students of 10th and 12th class then you can also visit the Youtube channel of Technical Ranjay where you can find several interesting videos to watch related to your topic to get several information.

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    Technical Ranjay Model Paper App

    There is also an app whose name is Technical Ranjay Model Paper. You can easily install this app on your mobile phone very easily and can get so much useful information and model papers of several subjects like Science, Math, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Social Science, Maithali, and many more of 10th and 12th matric. These model papers and exam material could be very useful for the students as they can solve these papers by themselves at home or anywhere with convenience and come to know about where they stand in terms of education level. Solving these model papers is a very effective and efficient way of practicing and studying.

    Net worth income of Technical Ranjay

    As we know in return for our work and efforts we do, we are paid in terms of monetary and non-monetary services which could be of different types, Technical Ranjay is also earning money for its work on different platforms such as by blogging or by creating a Youtube channel and through many more other platforms.

    If we tell you the average income or earnings of Technical Ranjay then it is more than twenty-five hundred per day, more than fourteen thousand per week, more than fifty-nine thousand money per month, and overall more than fifteen lakh eighty-six thousand money per year except for several other income sources like sponsored items and contents and different products for sale, etc.


    So now your all doubt should be clear about the Technical Ranjay portal. You can check their website and Youtube channel for more information. If you need any help from our end, then you can comment here.

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