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Formatting Posts on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a social media platform. Despite its professional appearance, the display of its post is plain text, and there is no option for you to add rich text formatting like italics, underline, bold, and some others. The question is to format them but how and in which manner.

    Here in this article, we are going to tell you most of the information related to this are various techniques and important things which will help you a lot in formatting LinkedIn posts.


    Process for Formating Linkedin Posts

    Formatting LinkedIn posts with italics, bold and other text is a process in which you have to format your text with the use of other sites, and after this, you have to paste it on Linkedin. To do this or to copy and paste the process, you have to look at the text font generator, or instead of this, you can use the tool in LinkedIn text font generator.

    You have to select the type of tool which you want to copy after writing your text within the tool, and after this, paste it within the post after opening linkedin; the same criteria is for using bold text.

    On LinkedIn When to Not Use Rich Formatting

    There are various bad sides of using Linkedin with or while formatting text, and some of the problems are as given below:

    With screen readers, it will not be possible for you to read customer characters

    • That is not good in terms of accessibility.
    • On old videos, they might appear as rectangles and not be displayed properly.
    • There will be unsearchable text; as a result, your profile will not be indexed correctly.
    • One of the most important reasons is that it will look unprofessional.

    Different Rich Text Formating for Linkedin

    For emphasis, we use bold text to capture the attention of our targeted audience, and whenever you feel like emphasizing something, you can use bold text, as some people have this habit of reading so much bold text.

    For the conversational types of quotes, sentences, names and dialogues, one can use italics or emphasis, which are trickier and rare as bold text is easier to spot.

    Shouting or screaming is due to the use of CAPS LOCK text, and for convening or communicating your extreme emotional message and for writing acronyms, you should use these.

    Underlining is one of the highlighted things which is commonly used in newspapers and textbooks, but we can also use this while web writing as it will get your message across better, but it should not be out of limit.

    Online text and content emojis are like a new addition for conveying your message, and formatting your content of yours is one of the great ways, but we can not say they are rich text formatting technically.

    Best Post Text Writing Practices on Linkedin

    Here are some of the best post-writing practices on Linkedin for communicating your message:

    • If we talk about LinkedIn posts, then the hook is one of the major parts which should be strong. The most important thing to remember is that people see the starting lines and then decide if the rest of the post will be good or not and; thus, one should use attention-grabbing hooks, which will help in bringing curiousness in the reader. It would be best if you always captured the attention of your reader to the most.
    • Talking about AIDA which means attention, interest, desire, and action, is the ideal formula for every LinkedIn post. You should not waste the precious time of your readers and develop an interest in your post.
    • One of the best ways to format LinkedIn posts is to use white space and structure your paragraph; this will make your text skimmable and optimize for the readers with the use of paragraph breaks.
    • We know that emojis are one of the things which are very noticeable, but using them very much can make our post stand in the wrong way, and thus you should always appropriately use them.
    • Using bullet points is a very amazing thing that catches the attention of the reader and also makes developing a desire to read.
    • Your main aim in formatting a linkedin post is for your audience to grab their attention and to hold it.
    • Using the PAS formula is a good option which stands for problem, agitate, and solve. At the start, you should describe everything about all the problems to your targeted audience so that they will be able to relate with you. Then you should write emotionally and touchingly in which their problems are seemer more urgent and bigger. Now after gaining their attention, you have to explain to them how they can solve their problems.
    • Keeping everything simple and non-complicated is one of the major things to remember.

    Linkedin Private Mode

    If you want to look at the profile of your prospects on Linkedin without notifying them, then yes, there is a way available. With the use of private mode on Linkedin, with the help of which there will be no notification given to any people if you visit or view their profile or want to share your information without notification.

    Steps to Activate Private Mode on Linkedin

    Activating private mode on Linkedin is an easy and simple process and not rocket science. Here are the major steps which should be used by you:

    • You have to click on the profile picture of yours.
    • Now click on settings and then on the privacy option.
    • After this, click on visibility.
    • Beside the profile viewing option, click on the option showing the change.
    • Now from there, select the appearance of your profile that you want.
    • Now you are done.

    Wrapping it up

    we hope that this article will be very useful for you as we covered all the major aspects related to this to provide you with all the necessary information.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the process to bold text on Linkedin?

    In Linkedin, it will not be possible for you to directly use rich text formatting such as italics, bold, or underlines in your post but inside of this Linkedin text font generator or any of the other tools for this.

    How to format text on Linkedin?

    Text formatting is a must and very important for your post to gather more engagement. For this, you can use a variety of practices such as using AIDA, using emojis properly, starting with a strong hook, using white space and structuring your paragraph.

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