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Yphone - Learning Toy Cell Phone for Your Kids

    Mobile phones are a very big and innovative invention between all of us as they provides us so many amazing facilities like being connect to everybody in the world by just using your mobile phone. Today everybody is very busy with their mobile phones because it is a good source of entertainment as well as it allows us to gain so many information and knowledge with in just some few clicks. Now-a-days when children see their parents all the time being busy with their mobile phone due to different purposes and situations, they also feel to have one. Kids always insist their parents to give their mobile phones to them so that they can watch cartoon and several other things for entertainment purposes. Sometimes parents agree and fulfill their insistence and give them their mobile phone but we all know that with all the benefits, positive side and features offered by this mobile phone there are also so many negative sides with these. As during our childhood most of the children don’t have that much understanding of thing and while using mobile phones they can get caught up in the wrong things and wrong contents over the internet. For resolving this major problem of parents for their children there are huge variety of toy phones available in the market that can be bought by them and can be given to their children so that they can play with those dummy or not real mobile phone. Among all those mobile phones there is Yphone toy which is available in the market which can be given to kids so that they will not insist their parent to give them a real mobile phone.

    Let us discuss about these mobile phones in details so that it will be easy for you all to have complete information about these devices.

    Detailed Information About Yphone

    Yphone is becoming very popular now-a-days as it is a very good option for all the parents to gift their kids a mobile phone because whenever they talk or use their mobile phones their kids also want their too, but it is not possible all the time to give real mobile phones to their kids as they can reach and expose to harmful contents over the internet. 

    Yphone toy cell phone

    Yphone could be a very good option for all these parents as it is a good small toy phone for kids which are very ideal for their children. At the front side of this phone, it resembles a real colorful mobile phone with all the buttons of numbers and with other features. Yphone is a very cute mobile phone for the kids having a teddy bear appearance and a heart shaped picture at the back of it. It is having functional keys through which we can perform so many functions. Whenever kids click on the buttons which are available on this mobile phone, this toy phone starts changing its colors and starts playing music with different options available, this is one of the major attractive features for all the kids. Yphone dimensions are around 12 cm long, 5 cm wide and around 1 cm thick.

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    Some Specifications of Yphone

    Yphone offers us so many features with lots of specializations which are as given below:

    • It is provided to all users with a micro USB charging interface which is one of the very good features which is probably not provided by everyone.
    • It also offers us built in battery feature for our kids.
    • Yphone toys are very simple to use for kids, there is no need for an expert person to teach about the usage of these mobile phones.
    • With the usage of these mobile phones your kids will be able to communicate with each other because of the wireless networking capabilities.
    • With Yphone children can share different knowledge and information with each other’s from anywhere and can use internet and do research at any time.
    • It cost you around $10 or around 3000 to 5000 rupees online on several e-commerce sites.
    • It is having excellent build quality with good shining bright lights and excellent camera like structure.

    Different Modes Available in Yphone

    There are various modes available on the Yphone for all the users which can be used for different major functions which are as given below:

    1. Mode for the mobile devices
    2. Mode of color
    3. Mode for the math
    4. Mode for the drums
    5. Mode or patterns of fruits
    6. Mode for play
    7. Mode for inquiry
    8. Mode for the pianos
    9. Mode for playing games
    10. Mode for questions

    Different Advantages of Using Yphone Toy

    Yphone offers us so many benefits and advantages for using them, with its amazing features and so on. Some of the advantages that are offered by Yphones are as given below:

    • It is a very good-looking and beautiful toy mobile phone which looks exactly like an Apple iPhone.
    • The audio generation quality provides by this phone is very high.
    • It is a very colorful mobile phone which is very eye catchy.
    • Yphone is having a very bright and stunning flashlight option available.
    • Using this phone is very easy and convenient.
    • Yphone is proving a micro USB charger which is included with their mobile phones, it is one of the attractive features provided by these phones.
    • Parents can buy and give these phones to their kids very easily as they are very budget-friendly and affordable and a good option to purchase for their kids as an amazing gift to make them happy.
    • Kids can use Yphone to gain information and knowledge and can share them with everyone.
    • They can use the internet for obtaining different kinds of knowledge for themselves.

    Various Alternatives of Yphone

    There are several alternatives which are available in the market in place of these toy mobile phones for kids. Some of those toy mobile phone options which are good for children are as follows:

    • Fisher-price classics retro chatter phone could be a good option like Yphone for all the parents who want to give mobile phones to their children but can’t give them as they can reach harmful content over the internet.
    • Minnie Bow-Tique is a toy mobile phone which is having actual bow on the top of and in bright pink color for the Disney loving kid. It is vary budged friendly option for those children who loves to have any person on the line.
    • VTech touch and swipe baby phone is also a good alternative of Yphone for all the kids.
    • Infantino flip and peek fun phone will be very good your children and they will love it as it will give them a fun opportunity to open and close this phone for its usage.
    • Last but not the least, leap frog chat and count emoji phone is one among the good alternatives of Yphone.


    In this article, we have told you almost everything about Yphone and we hope that after reading this article your all queries are clarified. You can give us beautiful suggestions regarding this article and if you have any doubts then you can ask us so that they can be removed. If you like this article then you can share this will other people also to keep their children away from real mobile phones so that they can buy them these phones instead of the real ones.

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