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VRL Tracking - Track Your Courier Online in a Few Steps

    We all know that there are vast benefits of tracking our courier as they help in monitoring the safety of our courier, increased visibility, knowing the place of our courier, routes, and many more things.

    Here in this article, we will discuss VRL tracking, through which anyone can easily track their courier online. If you are also searching for this kind of tracking, then this article will be beneficial for you all, and you may continue reading the above information about VRL tracking.

    What is VRL Tracking?

    VRL tracking is a type of tracking system which automatically tracks our courier and thus helps us in knowing the current status of our shipment and various other consignments online. The name of their company is VRL Logistics Ltd, VRL logistics customer care number is -0836-2307800, and their email Id is The owner of this company is Mr Vijay Sankeshwar, and he founded this company in 1976 in the Gadag district of Karnataka, India. The headquarter of this company is in Hubbali, which is also in Karnataka, and it offers its services in more than 22 states and around five union territories. This company has over 900 branches, franchises, and various hubs and transport yards.

    VRL Tracking

    It is one of the largest trucking companies, with more than 4000 transport vehicles for goods and tourist vehicles for passengers. Besides VRL tracking, this company also offers many services like transportation, publishing, courier service, priority cargo, passenger air transport, technical services, expanded services, and a sound warehousing system.

    Format of VRL Tracking

    They provided us with a tracking number of 10 digits and placed it on the top side of the right corner of the receipt. When you go to collect your package, you will be provided a receipt by the franchise at that time, and by using that, you will be able to track your courier easily from the comfort of your home.

    There may be some other formats along with this by this is one of the most common formats provided by them.

    Tracking our Goods by Using VRL Tracking

    Anyone can simply track their parcels by using VRL Tracking, as they provide a different number for each good, which can be used to know the current location of your product. In just a few simple steps, you can do VRL tracking, which is as given below:
    • Firstly you have to visit the official website of VRL Logistics company, which is
    • Now you have to write or fill in the VRL consignment number of your parcel at the uppermost left corner and have to click on it.
    • Now you can easily see all the tracking details regarding your product on the screen in these simple steps.

    Tracking our Parcel by Using VRL Tracking

    At the start of the journey of the parcel to go into the hands of its owner, firstly, it is wrapped and sealed tightly so that no other person can open it, and it may be safe and secure throughout the whole process. The owner of the parcel can see the exact situation of the delivery by using the VRL tracking number, which will be on the receipt of it.

    Bus Transport by VRL Tracking

    It is one of the most popular companies in the Indian transport industry, having more than 300 luxury buses that help in connecting more than 100 destinations. They run their business with Vijayanand Travel and provide online ticket booking services to their customers.

    You can also do VRL tracking of your bus by downloading the mobile app and entering your ticket or bus number. Using this is very easy, and there is no complication at all while operating it.

    Aviation by VRL Tracking

    This company started its aviation business in 2008 by starting an aircraft chartering with a permit for passenger charters from Indian Air Operator.

    This company provides a wide variety of aviation services to its customers. Also, it includes jet aircraft charters for various sectors such as tourism, corporate, special missions, leisure, and many more.

    If you want a private flight for yourself to travel anywhere, then it could be perfect for you as it offers several VIP category flights to its customers.

    Some Alternatives of VRL Tracking Company

    There are various alternatives for VRL tracking which can be used by different customers for having these kinds of services which are as given below:

    • First Flight Courier Limited
    • Delhivery Courier Service
    • Blur Dart Express Limited
    • DHL Shipping Service
    • DTDC Courier and Cargo Limited
    • Safexpress Shipping Service
    • The Professional Courier Network Limited
    • Ecom Express
    • Agarwal Packers and movers
    • Gati

    Wrapping it up

    VRL Tracking is one of the outstanding services offered by VRL logistics companies to its customers. Through this feature, anyone can easily do VRL tracking of their excellent parcels or couriers in a few easy and simple steps. In this article, we have told you all the details regarding VRL tracking, and we hope that this article will be beneficial for you all.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    How to find the consignment number?

    Anyone can easily find their consignment number by seeing the receipt given to them by the courier service during the time of booking. Besides this, various companies also provide the consignment number by messaging it to the consignee.

    How to find the courier without any tracking number?

    If you don’t have your tracking number due to various reasons and are unable to find your courier, then you can simply contact the courier company and can provide them with all the details. They may give you details about the current status or location of your product.

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