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What is The Service of a Virtual Mobile Number to Receive SMS

    Many services on the Internet use phone numbers as the basis for identifying users. This is easy to explain because you can create an infinite number of mailboxes, while a user's phone number is often one or two. So with this kind of verification, you can't scale the number of your accounts on the platform. But there is a way around this limitation by buying a virtual mobile number for SMS, but it is not only used for such purposes. Let's look into this issue.

    Virtual Mobile Number

    The service of a virtual mobile number for SMS - what is it?

    By a virtual SMS number is meant the service, which can be arranged at an appropriate profile site to receive SMS messages directly in the browser window. In this case, such mobile numbers are not tied to your real location and device, so they can be issued with different area codes, which removes the limitation in the possibility of registration of regional services. You can get virtual SMS numbers, disposable or leased for a certain period of time, at so-called service SMS verification. We will provide more detailed instructions on how to obtain a virtual mobile number at one of such services at the end of our article.

    Why do I need virtual numbers for receiving SMS?

    Virtual phone numbers are in great demand in today's world, because they allow its owners to perform many tasks. For example, such numbers are used to:

    • Confirm registration in a social network, messenger or application;
    • To create a new account if yours was blocked for any reason;
    • If your mobile gadget does not have a second SIM card, but you urgently need an additional phone number;
    • When traveling abroad, there is no need to activate a new tariff package;
    • Opportunity to get a virtual phone of any country and bypass regional restrictions;
    • Registration of e-mails for mass mailings.

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    Advantages of using a virtual number to receive SMS

    Here are some of the key advantages of a virtual number that we can highlight:

    - Using virtual phone numbers, your data will remain completely private;

    - No need to have a physical device when you have a virtual mobile number;

    - You can receive messages to an unlimited number of mobile numbers at the same time, which allows for mass registrations;

    - No need for a mobile network connection - you will only need Wi-Fi to use virtual phones;

    - Several people can use the same account at the same time.

    How to get a virtual phone for SMS in 2023

    Virtual phone numbers can be obtained from various online services. One of the most popular and reliable is SMS-man.

    Why do users choose this resource? SMS-man has been working for a long time and has a good reputation due to its user-friendly and simple interface, wide choice of countries and services:

    1. A choice of virtual numbers from different operators in 150 different countries;
    2. For advanced users, it is possible to automate the work through the API interface;
    3. Due to the lack of human factors, the service is fully automated and the receiving of SMS is almost instant.
    4. One of the lowest prices for rent of a virtual mobile number.

    To get a virtual number is very simple: you register, top up your balance and choose the desired country and service. Then you just have to click on "Buy" opposite the service you need. After this virtual phone will be automatically added to your personal cabinet and you can start receiving SMS.

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