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Covid Explosion on Flight From Italy

    On Friday, a flight came from Italy to Amritsar on which 173 passengers turned out to be COVID-19 positive. It is not the first incident where so many passengers tested corona positive, but it is the second incident on a flight from Italy to Amritsar.

    To ensure the safety and security of all the people, those 173 passengers who were corona positive were sent to their hometown districts for institutional quarantine. It is a crucial time for everybody, and thus everyone has to take good care and all the precautions so that they will be healthy and stay safe and secure.

    The source of this news is " Covid Explosion on Flight from Italy" and in this article, we are going to tell you all the things related to this article, and we assure you that after reading this article, you will come to know about all the detailed aspects of this news.


    Introduction: Covid Explosion on Flight From Italy

    On Wednesday, a flight came from Italy to Rajkot, Gujarat, had a Covid explosion. In India, there is a new outbreak of Covid, and the arrival of the covid positive passengers from Italy to India has made the situation worse. On Sunday, 173 passengers also tested covid positive and were coming from Italy to Amritsar. As per the reports, these passengers were not followed proper quarantine protocols while boarding an International Flight.

    With their coming, the administration got active and immediately took the action of isolating those corona-positive infected passengers and tracing their contacts as it is a virus that can or will spread over the different parts of the country. To minimize the spread of this virus, there are strict restrictions which were imposed on the movements of the people within the city limits.

    If people do not take proper care or good preventive measure, then this virus could spread very fast among the people, and this situation should be considered as an alarm. Preventions such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing from the people should be followed by the people. People should cooperate with the authorities so that with the involvement of everybody, we will be able to avoid another infectious wave of corona.

    Overview of the Flight from Italy to India

    The flight from Italy to India carrying covid positive passengers is a matter of worrying about the spread of the coronavirus among people this year. Some so many passengers have tested covid positive, and with their arrival, the authorities became active to ensure the safety of other people so that they could be safe and secure from the spread of this virus. They asked those passengers to quarantine themselves for 14 days and did contact tracing. It is essential in this situation for everybody to take proper prevention and protocols while traveling on international flights.

    Precautions against the Corona Virus

    • One should practice proper habits of their hygiene, like using alcohol-based sanitizer if hand washing is not possible. If hand washing is possible, then one should wash their hand frequently with water and soap for a minimum of 20 seconds.
    • One should wear masks in congested places or places where so many peoples are there.
    • Should follow social distancing by maintaining at least a gap of 6 feet from other people.
    • If you are living close to someone who has tested positive for coronavirus, then they should quarantine themselves for at least 14 days or till the date they receive a negative corona test.
    • One should follow proper precautions so that they will be able to minimize the spread of the virus in different places this year.

    First Incident of Controversy

    The very first incident of controversy on the flight from Italy was to Amritsar, where so many passengers were found to be corona positive. There are more than hundreds of people who have tested corona positive from 256 travelers who have arrived in the city from various countries. They riched on Sri Guru Ram Das international airport, and this was the first incident of the finding of so many corona positive people since the start of this pandemic this year.

    Measures Adopted by the Union Health Ministry

    With the news of so many passengers who are covid positive arriving in Amritsar and Rajkot from an international flight from Italy is a serious matter of concern that should be properly managed. There are so many measures which are adopted by the Union Health Ministry to control this situation and to minimize the spread of this virus in different parts of the country, and some among them are as given below:

    • The Union Ministry has made regulations that those tourists who are traveling from those countries having deemed hazardous should be tested before they reach the airport for the flight.
    • Foreigners coming from risky countries should do a domestic quarantine of seven days which is mandatory.
    • Everybody should follow proper cautions and take all the necessary precautions like maintaining social distancing and taking good care of their health and maintaining their hygiene.


    The flight from Italy to India is a serious matter of spreading the coronavirus in different parts as there were so many passengers who were corona positive. In this situation, to reduce the risk of the spread of this virus and to ensure our safety and security, everybody should follow various measures and precautions so that this year, there will be no harm to people due to the infected wave of Covid 19.

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