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Do You Have to Pay Rs 89 Per Month to Use Instagram?

    We all know that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms around the globe, which is used and loved by so many people as by using this platform, they can share their photos, memories, videos, and many other things with their friends and other people and also they can live connected to them.

    Several resources are wide spreading from some days related to the monthly fees of 89 rupees in return for the usage of Instagram. People are not aware if these rumors are true or just a piece of fake news like various others.

    In this article, we will be discussing this in detail rajkotupdates news do you have to pay rs 89 per month to use Instagram behind all the claims and rumors. So that you will be able to know everything properly, and there will be no confusion regarding anything.


    About the Claim

    It is such a piece of shocking news for everyone after hearing that Instagram is going to charge 89 rupees per month for the usage of this social media platform to the users. It is such a piece bad news for Instagram users as for sharing photos and memories and living in connection with many people around the world, and they have to pay charges. To understand all this news, we have to focus on various factors like the source or address of this claim and many more.

    Source of Claim

    After examining various factors related to this news, we came to know that there is no evidence of such news at all in real and it is just for some misleading purposes and to provide fake news.

    This information was also reported for the very first time on the official website of rajkotupdate news, which said that it is only a piece of fake news to distract or to spread rumors in public regarding the use of Instagram.

    As per Rajkotupdate News

    Rajkotupdate has published an article related to this topic, and according to them, we came to know that there will be no need for you to worry about it as the news or claim of paying 89 rupees in return for the usage of Instagram is fake only.

    One can freely create an account on Instagram and can use it for various purposes like sharing photos or videos or staying in connection with people, and for this, there is no money required. There is only some case in which you need to pay them an amount of money, such as for the promotion of your business, for running advertisements, or for supporting different influencers' content.

    True Story Behind it

    All these claims were started in November 2021 after the declaration of thinking about a subscription-based model by the head of Instagram.

    It is revealed that the new feature of badges is added to the in-app purchase. For putting ads on the app, all the content creators or influencers can put advertisements.

    By using the feature of badges on Instagram, one can support different content creators while watching a live video. When you buy a badge, an heart will be displayed in the comments next to your name.

    Official Statement of Instagram Regarding this Claim

    There is an official statement that came from the side of Instagram that this news is fake and they are not going to charge any amount at all for using it to its users.

    According to the official statement provided by the company, they said that all the users can freely use this platform, there will be no fees for any access at all, and they can enjoy using it the most.

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    Wrapping it up

    The revenue model of Instagram is based on all the happening advertisements and other things like the payment through various influencers for promoting their content. The claim, according to which Instagram is going to charge 89 rupees for its usage, is fake and just a rumor or misleading information. One should not pay attention to any kind of news very seriously if the source is not mentioned properly or if it is not from any official company or organization in a formal manner.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Does anyone need to pay any amount of money for the use of Instagram?

    No, there is no need for anyone at all to pay any amount of money for the usage of this social media platform as here on this, we can simply create an account and can have all its features and use it for totally free and can enjoy.

    What is the blue badge on Instagram?

    The blue badge on Instagram's social media plateforms represents that this person is authentic, or its presence could be for any person, any brand, any organization, or for any business firm, and it is required to be unique and notable.

    Is it easy and free to get verified on Instagram?

    If you are a highly searched and well-known personality, then verification will be a very easy task for you. There is no need to pay any amount for verification as it is free through the Instagram application.

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