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Sendgb – Send Files Online, A File Transfer Portal, Know Everything in Details

    If you want to send large files, then Sendgb could be a perfect and free website for you. As with this website, you can easily share files up to 5 GB without registration and for free. If you want to transfer any file to your friend, then you just have to upload that file, and then it will get automatically transferred and generate a unique link for a file that is uploaded.

    To download the zip archive of that file, you can also share that link with your friends, and those uploaded files remain on their server for a good one year, and only after that do they get automatically deleted, as this time could be sufficient enough to download those sent files.


    For sharing files, there is no need for you to sign up if they are upto 20GB, and you will get so many features and services like high speed, free to use, and will get a fabulous and excellent experience.

    Sendgb Company Details

    Sendgb company has a free website to send extensive file facilities to its users upto 5GB without any registration for free. Whatever file you want to transfer to your friend, you just have to upload it, and there will be the generation of one unique link for your uploaded file. It is a software development type of industry which is founded in the year 2015, having its headquarters in Tallinn in, Estonia country. Their global rank is around 24 thousand, with around 2 million in revenue annually.

    Features of Sendgb

    • With the help of the fantastic website sending, you can quickly drag and drop your large files whenever you want on your upload page so that it will be possible to send files very quickly.
    • To ensure and maintain complete security and safety of the users, all the file transfers on this platform are password protected and secure.
    • There is no need for any kind of payment or registration to send files, and you will easily be able to send large files upto five gb.
    • On the server, users can store files upto 250 MB for three months, and if the size of the file is more than this, then they can be stored for seven days.

    Benefits of Integrating Sendgb with Media file by using Appy Pie Connect

    There are multiple benefits of integrating media file and send, such as increased productivity by allowing streamlining the workflow and automating repetitive tasks, which will save time and ultimately increases productivity. There will be better collaboration between the members of the team, and for them sharing information could be an easy task. It will be very cost-efficient as there will be no need for you to hire any of the expensive purchase software of any developer.

    Customization could be possible, which will ultimately help you to fulfill your specific needs. It is effortless to set up as the process for setting up is very straightforward and simple and very good for all those people who don’t have any coding experience, and the interface is also very userfriendly. It will help in improving communication between different team members and various departments of the organization. It will help in enhancing data visibility and help in making better-informed decisions. Efficiency will be increased and will provide competitive advantages by working faster and with greater accuracy than your competitors.

    Wrapping it up

    Sendgb could be an excellent platform for all those people who are facing problems in uploading their long files as with the use of this portal, they can easily upload or share their large files very easily without any complication and interruption for free and without registration or requirement of any payment. We hope that through this article, we will be able to provide you with all the valuable and essential information regarding this website so that you will get all the deep and detailed information.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Is there any need for you to get registered on Sendgb?

    There is no need for you to get registered on sendings. Besides this, there is also no facility available to get yourself registered on it. You can simply use this website for free without any registration.

    From where can we download the app of Sendgb?

    Their app is not available as there is no need for the users for their app as they can simply have easy access to their services and facilities by quickly visiting their official website.

    Is the uploading speed of the files slow on Sendgb?

    The uploading speed of the files is only slow if they are connected to a cable or any LAN network.

    How long can the files stored on Sendgb?

    If the size of the files is around 250gb, they can easily stay upto 90 days, and if the size is more than this, they will be stored for seven days unless the person who sent the file chooses to delete them by himself.

    What are the formats which can be uploaded on Sendgb?

    All the formats of files can be easily uploaded on this platform as it supports all of them.

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