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Zupee – Play Games and Earn Money Online

    If you are a game lover and at the same time you want to earn a good amount of money by playing games, then Zupee could be a perfect platform for you as it will help you to find a variety of mini-games that can be played by you by betting money. If you lose the game, then you will lose then money, and if you win the game, then you will be able to keep the jackpot by playing games.

    After opening the game for the first time, you will get a bonus of 10 rupees, and by using this bonus money, you can sometimes play by making little bets of games as per your potential of winning the match. The final playout is not equal to the whole amount of money that is contributed by both of the players while playing the game, as the platform keeps some parts of the money of the bet after generating it.


    The players have 15 seconds to make any move to help the game along, and thus to move on the board of your pieces, there is no need for you to roll a six. You can unlock various other games after you win the match, such as Snake and Ladders, trump card, and Carom.

    This app checks your location using GPS technology; thus, you need to be in country India to play Zupee. When you earn some money by playing games on this platform, you can easily withdraw it from your bank account, and thus if you want to earn quick and easy money, you can download their Apk.


    There are many people nowadays who can build a good career in the field of gaming as in the past few years, the craze of gaming is increased so much in the whole country, and people are looking for a career in the gaming field and earning a good amount of money by various platforms such as youtube and Facebook by doing live videos. On the Zupee app, one can play various games after downloading their Apk. Various players use this platform for playing games like Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Carrom and many more across India and earning a good amount of money.

    Details of Zupee

    Zupee is a free app whose whole age rating is 17 plus and compatible with both Android and iOS devices in the English language. By playing games on this platform, one can earn real money up to ten lakhs and can withdraw them instantly with the help of several payment options like bank transfer or Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe and many more. On this platform, you can play Ludo formats, and their rules are different from others and very much engaging and interesting. There are more than two crore users who have downloaded this, and it has received around 4.4 ratings, and the daily cash winning is around ten crore rupees. It has received over 92 lacks game reviews, the game available on this platform is more than five, and the minimum withdrawal is rupees 1 through the medium of bank or UPI.

    Process of Downloading Zupee Apk

    Here are some of the important steps given for the download of Zupee Apk:

    • To download the Zupee apk, you have to download the zupee ludo app first.
    • You have to click on the download anyways option after the warning comes that the file could be harmful to beginning the downloading ludo supreme.
    • You have to click on the supreme gold Apk file of Zupee Ludo, which has been downloaded.
    • Now click on the install button, and you will see that the Ludo supreme gold app is installed on your device.
    • After opening it, you can log in using your email or mobile number.
    • Now choose any language, such as Hindi or English, and you are done with it.

    Zupee Gold Ludo

    Zupee is one of the most popular mobile gaming platforms with which game lovers can play a variety of games and can earn real money. On this platform, you can play so many games such as Ludo, Carrom, Trump Cards, Snakes and Ladders and many more.

    Reason for Playing Real Money Games on Zupee

    • Zupee is a hundred percent safe and secure platform.
    • It is a legal platform, so there is no need for you to worry about anything while using it.
    • Instant withdrawals are possible with the help of a bank account t of UPI.
    • There are tournaments available 24/7.
    • Customer support is dedicated.
    • It is certified by RNG.

    Process for Playing Games on Zupee Gold Ludo App

    • Log in here by using your mobile number or email id.
    • Click on the option showing play now and choose any format given there according to your choice and play games.
    • You can start playing with less money and increase it with experiences and winnings.
    • To withdraw the money, you have to click on the button showing the wallet.
    • Now clicking on the withdraw money option complete the process of withdrawing.


    Zupee is a popular platform for all game lovers, which allows them to play multiple games and quizzes and earn real cash in return. Their app is available for Android and iOS devices, and one can easily download their apk file after visiting their official website. Zupee is a user-friendly app that provides many quizzes on topics such as sports, science, entertainment and many more.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What are the things not to do while playing Zupee Ludo?

    The are multiple things that should be considered not to do by aq players, such as not playing for extra money and not playing impulsively. One should not play with loaned money, and if they are worried, they should only play when their mental state is calm.

    What are some games available on Zupee?

    There are a variety of games available on Zupee, such as Ludo Supreme, Ludo Turbo, Carrom Ninja, Ludo Ninja, Snakes and Ladders Plus, Trump Cards Mania and many more.

    What are some of the rules of Zupee Ludo Supreme?

    All players received random coloured pawns in the open position, and to move, you have to tap on the token. The number of moves given to each player is equal, and with every failed move, you lose a turn.

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