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Clever – A Platform for Digital Learning

    If you are searching for a platform that will be best for all of your digital learning programs, then Claver could be best for you all as it will going to provide you with all the fells of school, students, and teachers with the help of excellent software that was started by technology professionals and educators or we can say it was founded in the year 2012.

    It provides single sign-on access to various teachers and students for any of the resources or any file that is needed by them. With the help of this software, it is very easy for teachers in various ways as it helps them to be informed about different things and thus can now teach very effortlessly to their students in the classroom.

    In this following article, we will be talking about Clever, an online portal. We will be providing you with all the necessary and valuable information so that you will be able to understand everything in detail, and all your doubts will be clarified.


    Overview of Clever

    Clever is an online portal or an excellent developed school management solution that provides so much information and helps many educational institutions by providing them valuable resources for learning. It is more like a centralized platform on which students can talk also, and teachers can also organize and create database resources of online learning which can be divided or based on various categories such as grade level, based on subjects and reviews given by students.

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    This portal is beneficial for the teachers as they can now create subjects here, do virtual projects, can generate engagement reports of students, and can be helpful in also tracking students' login. It also provides visibility to the parents into the learning programs of students and establishes a communication that is two-way with the teachers. This portal can also be integrated with the various student information system, which is of third-party nature as it comes with an application programming interface.

    Key Features of Clever

    • The dashboard is active.
    • There is curriculum management.
    • K-12 schools, self-service portal.
    • This portal is for both parents and students.
    • Provides reporting, analytics, statics, real-time notifications, records, student information, and many more.
    • Learning and student management.

    Working of Clever

    With power school information, Clever syncs automatically, and students will also be able to access programs enabled by Clever if they are enrolled in the classroom roster or HR, which is refreshed every morning. If someone is not registered in this, they have to reach the ops team of their school, as in power school, the account of the teachers is associated with the classrooms.

    For Lead Teacher

    1. You have to visit their official website that is and click on the option showing staff or teachers there to sign in to Okta.
    2. You have to click on the option showing the teacher if you are a lead teacher, and then you can access the class roster on the app.
    3. There are so many classes and courses on the app, and if you want to view them, click on the staff option.
    4. Customization and update of the student's portal can also be done or possible by teachers.

    For not a Lead Teacher

    1. Visit their official website, and you will see two options showing staff and teachers.
    2. After clicking on the staff option, you will be able to access all the classes and courses that are available.
    3. To access certain features, teachers can also sign in as staff.

    For students

    Students have to visit their official website and sign in simply as students log in.

    Final Words

    Clever could be very beneficial for so many students, teachers, and parents due to all the features and advantages provided by it. In this article, we have covered almost everything regarding this portal, and we hope that you came to know about so many things. If you have doubts left, then you may ask us so that we solve them, and you will get answers to all of your questions very quickly.

    FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

    What is the best thing about Clever?

    Navigation for the students is straightforward, and contents can also be arranged systematically for them so that it will be very easy for the students.

    What is wrong thing about clever?

    There are several cases where young students find that they get themselves logged out by hitting the back button, and thus there should be an option of hitting the forward button so that they can get themselves back in or log back without any trouble. Besides this, there are some issues sometimes while scanning the QR code.

    How to recover the password of Clever?

    To recover its password, you have to visit the site, and there you have to click on forgot password option. After clicking on it, you have to provide them with the email address which is associated with the account of admit, and then after clicking on it, and you will receive an email with a link that will help you to reset your password.

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