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Homeworkify – Find Answer of Your Question Online in 2 Minutes

    In this whole article, we are going to discuss Homeworkify which is an AI app for helping students and other people and solving a variety of questions of different subjects and different assignments. There are numerous features and benefits offered by this app, like homework help, assignments, video tutorials, quizzes, and many more.

    It is one of the most essential and valuable websites aiming to help students complete their homework by providing various doubt sessions, online tutorials, and homework help. To gather much information about this, you may continue reading this article so that you will be able to get the most appropriate information, which will benefit you a lot.


    Overview of Homeworkify

    Homeworkify is an AI app that helps students and many other people solve their homework just by scanning it. One can easily complete their assignments by using this tool very simply and easily. It provides a wide range of features to students and users, and along with this, its interface is also very user friendly. It works as an ultimate homework assistant for the students and other people.

    With the help of this, one can get step-by-step explanations and solutions that will work as a homework solver by solving various assignments and questions of different subjects like science, maths, history and various others. This AI app also offers various things like detailed feedback, interactive learning, exam preparation, tests, and so much coverage over various subjects. To create a personalized study schedule, there is an essay assistant provided by Homeworkify so that it will help students in planning their studies as well as in the process of writing.

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    Highlights of Homeworkify

    • With the help of a study planner, you will be able to create a study schedule that is personalized for you.
    • For both science and maths homework, you will be able to get step-by-step solutions.
    • For various subjects, you can receive test preparations and feedback.

    Some Technical Details of Homeworkify

    Homeworkify is an educational AI app developed by Mathlab, and since April month of 2023, its apk is available for all, and its downloads are more than five thousand. There are no ratings on this app yet, and yes, it is not on the list of top ranks. On the 8th of May 2023, the last update of the app came, and their content is rated for everyone. Its version is 1.0.0, which is free to download in the size of 118.5 MP of apk and is suitable for everyone.

    Features of Homeworkify

    With Homeworkify, you are going to get so many excellent features, and some of them are given below for you all:

    • Homework scanning features are one of the most wonderful things about their app as with the use of this, you will be able to complete your homework just by scanning it, and it will provide you a step-by-step explanation and instant solutions to your questions about different subjects like maths, science, physics, chemistry and many more.
    • There is a question-and-answer forum available, which allows you to ask them questions and solve the queries of the students.
    • There are so many mock quizzes available there according to exam conditions, which will help you a lot in preparing for your exams and identifying the strengths and weaknesses inside you.
    • There are options available for customized learning, which will enhance your learning experience by choosing levels, subjects, learning profiles and difficulties so that you can focus on all those areas that need extra effort.
    • There are essay and exam preparation assistants available by which you can complete your writing assessments and get material for the preparation of different exams and improving the scores on your tests.

    Solving the Not Working Issue of Homeworkify on Your Browser

    Recently, there were several users who were reporting that on their web browser, their website is not operating or working properly and issues like Homeworkify, net access is denied, it is not working or not loading, and various others are coming.

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    For all these things, there may be various reasons like network issues, updates or maintenance, device issues, server issues, browser issues or any other.

    Fixing the Issues on Homeworkify

    • If there is an issue like is not working, then you have to check if the server is working properly or if it is down. This issue may be due to the server of the website, and after waiting for some time, you may be able to have easy access over there.
    • If the server is not down and working properly, then you need to clear the cache data of the website. You have to open Chrome browser, then in the top right corner, click on the three dots, select more tools and then tap on the option showing clear browsing data, which will solve your problem.
    • If this clearing data trick is not working for you, then you may restart your device, and it will be able to solve many problems within less time.
    • It would be best if you had a stable internet connection for which you need to check the connection speed of the internet as due to poor internet connections, there may be issues like Homeworkify not working and some others.


    This entire article was all about Homeworkify, and we hope after reading this piece of information, you will get so much knowledge and information that will remove all of your doubts and queries and help you a lot.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What are the pricing criteria of Homeworkify?

    There are three types of plans available. The first one is free, and you can easily access various features like homework scanners, mock quizzes, question-and-answer forums and others. The second one is premium, by using which you will get some additional features like essay and exam assistance and a personalized dashboard for you. The third one is family plans, which are designed for families having multiple students so that they will be able to create up to 5 accounts.

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