SEO techniques that will work great for your website in 2020

Let us begin by understanding the tasks that you need to perform that will work on the SEO of a website.

On-Page SEO

The main aim to perform On-Page SEO tasks is to optimize a website and make it rank higher in the search engine results.

trending seo techniques that work in 2019

The concept of the SEO revolves around the concept of the keyword:

You need to embed the right set of keywords in your content so that when someone searches for any kind of information or something related to the keyword then the website which has the term related to the keyword will pop out.

SEO can be classified into 2 types: Off Page SEO and On Page SEO

By performing certain set of on page SEO tasks you can build a strong reputation of the website and which will result in making the web page rank higher.

Some of the best SEO techniques that you must perform on your website are:

Page URL

The URL structure of any page is very important. Try to insert the main keyword in the URL of the website. Make sure that you use the stop words in the URL of your webpage as it can even harm your rankings.

If you are not keeping a check on the sitemaps of your website, then this is one of the biggest blunders that you are doing. Sitemap is the path that is followed by the crawlers. The crawlers will after crawling will check if it has a proper structure or not. A sitemap also helps the crawlers to go through the content of the website. By conducting a sitemap test with a sitemap checker, you can even check the sitemap’s status on your website.

Image Alt Tag
It is also known as “alt attribute” and “alt description”, which is an HTML attribute that can be applied to the image tags. Applying Image Alt Tag provides a text alternative to the search engines. When the crawlers are made to crawl a website then they look for all the images that have the alt tag and only the pictures that have this tag rank higher compared to the other pages without the alt tag. The image alt tag is useful for the browsers as it will help to optimize the images so that they can appear when they are searched for in the search engines.

Internal Linking is crucial
The internal links can take a reader from one post to another post which might be lying in some other corner of the website is known as internal linking. Internal linking is considered beneficial for any website as it can help increase the number of page views. If your website is witnessing too many bounce rates, then internal linking can help reduce the bounce rate.

Page Title
The main title of the page must have all the main keywords and it must be not be stuffed in the content. Embedding the keywords in the content will leave a significant impact on the ranking of the SEO of keyword. Another thing that you must make the title attractive to catch the readers of the website.

Improve your info-graphics
You can use various kind of info-graphics to increase the traffic on your website. Creating high quality content is just not enough, you need to make it attractive too. Info-graphics have a great potential in them to increase the traffic on your website.
People prefer info-graphics over pictures as they are attractive and attracts more and more readers. It is a fact that human brain is able to process visual information more easily as compared to the-plain text.
Conclusion: If you are able to implement the advance SEO techniques to your own website then it will help to improve the SEO of the website.

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