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Data Center Concerns: The Importance of Considering the Location

A data center is one of the most powerful weapons that companies hold - whether they’re small or startup businesses, medium enterprises, or big companies. A data center is a type of an infrastructure that houses the companies’ data and files, and tons of confidential information. That makes it more like Armour to the business and its major assets.

Data Center

Availing an outsourced data center services is probably one of the few best ways to keep the data, files, and information in a safe and secure site. The act of outsourcing data center services is often done when a company doesn’t have the capability to possess an on-site data center facility. 

With that, it only conveys how crucial it is to select for the perfect data center to partner with most primarily when confidential data, files, and information are at stake. However, if there’s a major thing to put into immense consideration when choosing a data center to partner with, that will be the location. 

Why is it the location? Find out on the next pages as this piece carefully provides enlightenment and gives highlights on the importance of examining the location of a candidate data center. 

Why do companies start outsourcing data center services?

There are many possibilities as to why companies choose to outsource data services than building their on-site IT facility. And one obvious reason is the lack of financial capacity to cover all the expenses in building their on-site data center. 

No matter how small or big businesses get, they will always look for discounted or cheap offers. And when choosing a data center, companies are mostly after affordable dedicated server, or cheap dedicated hosting offers. 

Companies are also looking for excellent web server hosting services and cheap dedicated servers. It’s a great factor that data centers have their distinct and special offers. 

The list below shows the services offered by data centers:
  1. Data backup and archiving
  2. Co-location services
  3. Hosted exchange
  4. Dedicated servers
  5. Managed servers

Proneness to natural calamities and extreme

weather conditions

Extreme weather scenarios and natural calamities such as earthquake, floods. hurricanes and tornadoes can easily put companies down on both knees. These are some of the major nightmares that are feared to be encountered by many businesses. 

Since it will bring a huge financial loss and damages to the business. And for a more serious matter, such events may lead to unacceptable and untimely bankruptcy.  

In the case of data centers, the occurrence of the unfortunate and unpredictable circumstances may create a great impact on their credibility and reputation due to the possible interruptions on the daily operations. Also, this will absolutely cause the data centers’ clients to go through the business disturbances since data centers are shut down.

And this is where the importance of examining the location into a big concern when choosing a data center to partner with. The data center must not be situated in an area that’s a great target of such natural calamities and/or extreme weather events.

If the idea of checking the location properly is disregarded, not only the business itself but as well as the assets will be in an immense risk.   

Overall safety and security

Whether a business owner or representative is in search of an area for their on-site data center or looking for an outsourced one, the location must be put into great consideration. Why? It’s because the location of a data center speaks a lot about its overall safety and security. 

And to guarantee that the data center's location is excellent or appropriate for the company, here are some questions that should be made up in mind:

  1. Is the data center's location safe and secure from natural calamities like earthquake, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes?
  2. Is the location safe from electricity outages? 
  3. Is the location free from the fault lines? 
  4. Is the location safe and secure from the possible and unpredictable extreme weather scenarios that may cause floods, landslides, flash floods, and etc?
  5. Is the safe and secure from the probability of theft or robbery?

The site’s proximity to the company

One of the significance of considering the location of the candidate data center is its proximity to the company. Why? The proximity highly matters especially if a company is transmitting huge volumes of data and files to the acquired space in the data center.

Also, if there’s a need for the IT staffs or company representatives to visit the facility, the closer the physical site, the better.   

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