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How do you spot good TEFL Course Accreditation? Why does it matter?

Understanding how accreditation functions in the TEFL business are vital to picking the best TEFL certification course for you. Any old Tom, Dick, and Harry can compose an online TEFL course. It's not difficult to take a TEFL course yourself and duplicate the materials to sell your course on the web.

How do you spot good TEFL Course Accreditation? Why does it matter?

While there are numerous online TEFL courses to look over, not all TEFL courses enjoy worldwide accreditation. It very well may be a dubious point from the outset to get your head around as there are a ton of deceiving cases and obscurity out there concerning accreditation, so we will attempt to make it as clear as conceivable in this article.

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When you see that a legitimate TEFL accreditation body globally accredits a TEFL certification provider, you can have confidence that the course will be reputable and genuine.

Here’s everything you should know about TEFL accreditation.

What is TEFL accreditation?

TEFL accreditation is a type of value affirmation. It is a certification that assures the quality of TEFL providers. An external association has many guidelines that TEFL Certification providers should stick to provide a quality training program to its attendees.

After rigorous assessment and evaluation of the course supplier, the association grants accreditation if their norms are met.

What's genuinely essential to note about TEFL accreditation explicitly is that there is no overarching accrediting body for TEFL courses and suppliers.

You don’t need to have accreditation from one specific body to make and sell TEFL courses, which is one reason for an absence of regulation and discipline within the industry.

TEFL Certification providers apply to be accredited by this body to gain quality assurance. Reputed accrediting bodies keep on observing the TEFL certification provider, guarantee that their guidelines are being maintained.

Legitimate TEFL certification providers will look to earn accreditation from already established bodies with exclusive standards and a thorough appraisal measure. Less reputable providers will have no accreditation, deceive you about their accreditation status, or hold accreditation from associations whose principles are inadequate.

What is the importance of getting a TEFL accreditation?

Most schools and language organizations worldwide looking to employ you as an English educator don't just look at your TEFL certification. They also check whether a perceived, independent body accredits your TEFL certification provider within the TEFL industry.

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This confirms that your TEFL certification provider fulfills specific quality guidelines concerning its educational program, training on educating, and the level of instructions.

A site may guarantee that its self-trained, online class with no practicum is 120 hours, but except if an authorized body accredits it or not. And if a teaching institution has no accreditation, it is trivial.

What are the benefits of having a TEFL accreditation?

  1. Demonstrates your high instructive principles and opens ways to a worldwide teaching career
  2. Empower you to enjoy a serious competitive edge over all local and global organizations
  3. It is a testament to the quality of education you deliver
  4. Enable you to enjoy a competitive advantage over all regional and international institutes
  5. Tells about the morals and integrity of your TEFL operation
  6. Speaks of the high caliber of your assessment systems
  7. Gives an idea about your extraordinary capabilities, extensive knowledge, in-depth expertise, and broad teaching experience
  8. It acts as a protection for your future employers, who need to know that they are recruiting teachers who have received quality training


How to spot the right TEFL course accreditation?

Some TEFL certification providers guarantee accreditation or even make their accrediting bodies with fake sites. Some ensure membership and recognition in an association with a great sounding name to veil that they aren't accredited.

To ensure that any TFFL course you take is accredited, verify whether the accrediting body's website — if it's messed up, looks amateurish, or if it is claimed or managed by a similar organization that provides the TEFL class, then you will know it is fake.

Various TEFL programs promise to offer the best TEFL certification courses. While the curriculum would be similar in all the programs — covering multiple teaching techniques, classroom strategies, and language ideas — each TEFL program has its own unique brand identity, which is significant for a future instructor to match the teaching techniques.

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Some course providers will just feel warmer than others, which is a vital sign of a decent match to your preference. Beyond this, focus on the types of specialized programs each TEFL certification course offers, the locations they have established themselves in, the extensiveness and impact of their global reach, the degree of support they provide at each step of the process, and other such aspects that shape their identity as an organization.


Keep the following pointers in mind while looking at the accrediting body of your TEFL certification course provider:

     The accrediting body is well set up and well recognized

     They list all the providers they accredit

     You can, without much of a stretch, discover data about their process and how they award accreditation status

     They accredit other reputable course providers

     Duration of their operation and the number of providers they have accredited

     Look at their website and set up, and ensure it looks professional with genuine reviews


In the long run, you will arrive at what feels like the ideal alternative—at that point, it's a perfect opportunity to get the show on the road and let the genuine experience of your TEFL certification begins. 

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