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Protect Your Business Inside And Out

As businesses just like yours become more reliant on technology every day, you need to think seriously about how you protect that tech and the building it sits in. This is true whether you are in an office, an eCommerce-based business, or a local bricks-and-mortar local business reliant on passing trade.

You might have already considered the more obvious solutions, like alarm systems for your building or anti-virus software for your computers, but in the modern age, you can go further than that by using tech to keep you ahead of the game. This can take several forms, and by ticking every box, you give yourself the best chance of protecting your business inside and out.


Think about protecting yourself online

There’s no easy way to put this, but a cyberattack can kill off your business overnight, and they are on the increase. Not only can it cripple your means to get any work done, losing your customer data can mean that you damage your relationship with them, and could lose out financially by having to compensate them. To stop this from happening there are things you can do:

  • End-user training. This can teach your staff what they need to know so they don’t fall victim to a social engineering attempt and accidentally allow a virus to infect your system with a misplaced click.
  • Invest in a firewall. You don’t have to know what a firewall is exactly to benefit from this hardware. It acts like a security guard for all of the information coming into your business and keeping potential threats at bay.
  • Have a recovery plan. If the worst does happen, you’ll need to get back on your feet as soon as possible. Backing up everything on a separate server (preferably with a professional company that specializes in this) can help turn a complete disaster into a manageable crisis.

Don’t neglect the physical safety of your business

There is also the physical safety of your business to consider. If your premises look like a safe environment, people are more likely to use your services, whether you are a retail outlet, a carwash or a software provider who meets customers face-to-face.

  • A secure parking lot. Customers and visitors are going to feel happier if they know their vehicle is going to be safe while they are in your building. Not only that, but your staff will know they can get to their cars safely when they leave work at night.
  • Stop groups loitering outside. Even if they are not causing any direct harm, large groups of youths might seem intimidating to some of your customers or visitors. By using something like a mosquito sound device, you can make them disperse by emitting an annoying noise that only certain age groups can hear.
  • Good lighting. It might seem obvious, but the fewer dark areas that people have to get up to no good, the less likely they are to do anything. So, by making sure the areas both inside and outside your premise are well lit, those with any sort of malicious intent are likely to think otherwise.

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