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Rajkotupdates.News: Apple iPhone Exports From India Doubled Between April And August

    If we look over the past years, then there has been a considerable increment in the production and sales of Apple in India. Rajkotupdates has recently provided the news related to Apple’s iPhone that their exports from India are going to be multiplied between April and August. This can be seen as a good result of investment in India.

    Through this article, we are going to explore apple iPhone exports from India doubled between April and August. After reading this article, we assure you that you came to know everything about this news very clearly.



    There are several policies and programs in India to attract substantial foreign investment, and they are actively promoting themselves as a hub of manufacturing. To take advantage of many policies and incentives provided by the government, Apple is one of those companies that has set up its manufacturing facilities in India. If iPhones are manufactured in India, then they will be able to avoid heavy import taxes that are imposed on all foreign-made electronic products. This will make the iPhone much more affordable for all the consumers in India, and this can lead to good demand for their product.

    Apple iPhone exports from india doubled between April and August could be a significant development for the company. This can be seen as they are making efforts to increase their manufacturing operations in India as compared to the past. It could also be a positive development for the economy of India by increasing exports of iPhones as well as it will also increase different types of job opportunities for so many people and provide employment.

    Information of Rajkotupdates on Apple Exports

    India has become the fifth largest exporter of the iPhone by Apple in the world and the second largest recipient in terms of imported Apple iPhones. They have raised almost 73% from exports, and there is a reasonable increment in the demand for Apple products in India. Due to all the global policies and all, there will be a good impact on the tech industry of India which could be exciting, and Rajkotupdates has provided us with all the information about them in detail.

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    Some of the Advantages of this Export

    There are a variety of benefits of doubling the exports of Apple iPhones from India, which are as given below:

    • It will help a lot to India for becoming a hub of smartphones for various countries such as Russia, Japan, France, Germany, Italy and many more.
    • It will help to minimize the dependence of Apple on China for the production of iPhones.
    • It will help in supporting the plan of making India an excellent alternative to China and attract the attention of foreign investment.
    • This will lead to providing better services at low prices to customers in India.
    • Demonstrates the inner potential of India to become a good manufacturing hub.
    • Provide massive employment to many people by offering them a variety of jobs.
    • Help a lot in the economic growth and development of India.

    Impact of This on Apple’s Business

    India is a good market where there is an increment in the demand for technological products, and by increasing the presence of Apple in the country, they can boost their sale by capitalizing on this expanding market. The export of iPhones from India could be a positive development for them.

    With this, Apple will also be able to remove all those import duties on the products and minimize the prices of their products by manufacturing them in the same country and by making them more affordable for consumers, and this can lead to an increase in their demand.

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    Future Anticipation

    • Apple is supposed to expand their presence in the future in India.
    • They will continue to invest in the manufacturing capabilities in India.
    • There is a large labour force in India which is comparatively very low in terms of cost as compared to other nations, which makes it a suitable location for the company to do manufacturing business.
    • The Indian government is offering so many incentives to the company to manufacture different products in the country, which makes it a perfect location.
    • Companies like Apple and others will continue to expand their manufacturing capabilities as per all the benefits they get in India.


    With the introduction of the new manufacturing facility of Apple in April in India, there is so much increase in their export which helps in the process of making India a local production hub and for exporting so much popular electronic devices. This leads to becoming India an excellent international player in the world of tech by demonstrating the potential of the country. We hope now your all doubts are clear regarding Rajkotupdates.News: Apple iPhone Exports From India Doubled Between April And August

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How many iPhones have been made in India in the past four years?

    In the past four years, the production of Apple iPhones has increased four times, and more than forty thousand crore iPhones were made in the country and exported.

    What will be the potential impact of the exports of Apple iPhones on the economy of India?

    With the increase in the export of Apple iPhone, there will be a massive impact of this on the India economy as it will increase the technical skills inside the local workforce, and substantial job opportunities will be created and provide employment. It will also contribute to the GDP of India, which may increase the interest of foreign investors to invest in India.

    What are the factors responsible for Apple to increase Exports from India?

    The manufacturing cost of the Apple iPhone will be comparatively low compared to other countries as here, they can find cheaper labour and material, and there will be an increase in the demand of the customers for their products. Here in India, they will have various benefits offered by the government, such as incentives and subsidies, which could be very beneficial for them, and these are the factors responsible for increasing the export of Apple iPhones from India.

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