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Rajkotupdates.News : PUBG Developer Krafton has Filed a Lawsuit Against Garena Free Fire

    Last month we came to hear about the news that Pubg Developer Krafton has filed a court case against Garena Free Fire. The Indian government has given the order to ban Free Fire which means that it will be removed from different app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is a piece of shocking news for all those who love to play Free Fire and for those who are game lovers, as Indian Government has banned fifty-four Chinese Apps.

    It is a piece of sad news for gamers as they will not be able to play these games now on their Apple iPhones, android mobile phones, and other devices. There are various allegations that are put by Krafton on Garena Free Fire, and the case is also resisting Google and Apple's disturbing games of Greena by their app stores.

    To obtain detailed information about Rajkotupdates.News : PUBG Developer Krafton has Filed a Lawsuit Against Garena Free Fire, just continue to read the article, and we assure you that you will gain most of the information regarding this, and all your doubts and queries related to this will be rectified.



    As we know that Pubg Developer Krafton has filed a case against the Garena Free fire and put various serious allegations on it, and they say that they are copying their PUBG Battleground without even paying them consideration about or any licensing fees. There are various things like the airdrop feature, its structure of it, the beginning of the game, the selection of the weapons, the feel of the game and the maps.

    The case they have filed is not only against Garena but also resisting Google, Apple and Youtube for making a disturbance for Free Fire on the Play Store and App Store and making money through it. Banning the game is a piece of very shocking news for all game lovers, which could be very sad for them as they will not be able to download them now from the app stores and can play them like back then.

    About the Ban

    On Sunday, the Garena Free Fire was removed from both the Google Play Store and also from the Apple Store and on the very next day of this that is on Monday, the Indian Government announced the ban of Garena Free Fire along with fifty-four other Chines apps, which is a very shocking and at the same time very confusing decision for the gamers.

    There is no reaction came from any of the companies like PUBG, Garena Free Fire, Google and Apple, and the issue is unclear as they do not clarify it. The only good news for game lovers is that if they already have Garena Free Fire on their mobile phone or another device, then they can play it without any complications and in its substitution, they can download and play Garena Free Fire Max on their Android mobile devices.

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    Some Highlights

    • Allegation on Garena Free Fire from Krafton for copying PUBG Battleground without their permission or giving consideration amount or without giving licence fees.
    • There was also a lawsuit settled between Krafton and Garena in the year 2017.
    • Krafton is also against Google, Apple and Youtube for hosting different videos of Free Fire.
    • It is removed from different App Stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
    • The Indian Government has banned Garena Free Fire along with 54 other Chines apps in India.

    Wrapping it up

    Through this article of ours, we have provided you with deep and detailed information on Pubg developer Krafton and Garena Free Fire Krafton has filed a case against it and put several serious allegations against it. The Indian Government has banned the Garena Free Fire and several other 54 Chines apps, and they have been removed from the App Stores, which is a piece of very sad news for game lovers as they will not be able to download and play them now. We hope that this article will be very useful for you all.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Who won the lawsuit between Garena and the PUBG developer Krafton?

    The claims were settled between two of the companies, and PUBG developer Krafton were not come to do agreement on licencing with Garena. Garena released a new game titled Free Fire Max on the 28th of September.

    Is BGMI copied from Free Fire?

    Somehow we can say that BGMI is copied from Free Fire with various things of Battleground, airdrop, the starting of the game, its structure, a section of weapons, the locations, objects and various other things.

    From where the Free Fire is Copied?

    Free Fire and Free Fire Max is copied from the Pubg Mobile game in many ways, like its modes, game feelings, gun skins, textures, outfits in the game and various other things, which is the reason for banning this app in India.

    Why does Garena Free Fire is banned in India?

    The reason for banning Garena Free Fire in India is that it is coping various things from the game PUBG Ground without paying them any consideration about or giving licence fee; thus, Krafton has Filled a case against it, and it has been removed from different apps stores and banned by the Government of India.

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