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PhonePe Customer Care Number – Know Everything in Details

    By Using UPI, users can transfer money with PhonePe as it is a payment platform where so many things can be easily done, like recharging phone numbers, paying various bills and many more. It works on UPI, which is a Unified Payment Interface System, and the only thing you have to do is create a UPI ID by providing your bank details. As money can be directly debited from your bank account, there is no need for you to recharge the wallet, and this process is very simple, safe and secure.


    Their services are provided on even weekends and holidays for 24/7 and on both Apple and Android mobile phones their app can be easily downloaded. under a single roof to cater for all of your banking needs in such a convenient manner is very easy with this application. In this article, we are going to cover various things about their app and PhonePe Customer care number.

    About PhonePe App

    In India, one of the leading e-commerce payment platforms is PhonePe Private Limited, and this digital wallet company was founded in 2015 December. This platform offers services in 11 regional languages of India.

    One can use this app for so many things like booking hotel services, paying for tickets, booking cabs, ordering food online and many more items at your convenience.

    PhonePe Customer Care Number

    PhonePe Customer Care Number is 022-68727374/080-68727374, which users can call for customer support and various other issues.

    After receiving the complaint, they will try to resolve the problem in two or three days or as much hurry as possible.

    Making Payments by Using the Customer Care Number of PhonePe

    There are several ways, or we can say methods, with the use of which one can carry out multiple transactions on their PhonePe app, and some among them are as follows:

    • Using PhonePe Wallet
    • Using a UPI Credit Card
    • Using a UPI Debit Card
    • By Using Via Linked Bank Account

    Process for Removing Bank Account Details from PhonePe

    Here are some simple steps by which users can remove all the details of their bank account from PhonePe:

    • Firstly, you have to open your PhonePe app.
    • Now click on the account section.
    • From the account section, select the option showing the bank account.
    • Now, you will be able to see all your bank accounts, from which you can choose any one you want to delete.
    • To unlock, you have to click on the pop-up message that will appear.
    • From the app now, your bank account will be removed, which you wanted.

    Process for deleting the Account of PhonePe from your Mobile Phone

    1. Open the PhonePe App and click on the option showing My Account.
    2. After selecting help and choosing topics, click on the PhonePe account.
    3. Tap on deleting an account after selecting the tab.
    4. Their team will confirm why you want to delete your account.
    5. Within a few days, your report will be deactivated after completing the verification process.

    Wrapping it up

    In this article, we have covered various things regarding PhonePe, like PhonePe customer care number and many other things like procedures for making payments, removing bank account details, deleting accounts and many other things. We hope this article will be very helpful for all the users to get this informative knowledge, and if you have any doubts left, then feel free to ask us.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What is the PhonePe Customer Care Number?

    The customer care number of PhonePe is 022-68727374/080-68727374, which users can call anytime as their services are available 24/7 to provide customer support and to remove the problems of the users at the earliest.

    Who was the founder of PhonePe?

    Sameer Nigam is the founder of PhonePe company and was appointed as its CEO.

    Which bank has PhonePe partnered with?

    PhonePe partnered with Yes Bank so that they could launch their UPI-based payment app for mobiles in August of 2016 which was based on the UPI platform government-backed.

    Where is the headquarters of PhonePe?

    In India, the headquarters of PhonePe is in Bengaluru in the state of Karnataka.

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