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What are the Key Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos?

Videos, specifically explainer videos and other animated short media, have a number of key benefits when compared to many other forms of content. Not only is video more engaging, more relevant, and more appropriate for wider audiences---it could also help grow your brand and take your content marketing efforts to the next level.
And despite what you might think, it's actually a lot easier (and cheaper) to produce animated videos than you might think. In this article, we're going to look at some of the key benefits of animated explainer videos for your business.


Sometimes, a subject can be understood. This is especially problematic if you're trying to market a complicated solution to a problem. Videos are much easier to digest and understand in a simplified way than many other types of content, especially written media.
Video helps make practically any subject much easier to understand for your audience. Subjects can be broken down into smaller, digestible visual elements. This simplification makes it much easier to broaden your scope and market your products to a wider audience.

What are the Key Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos?

Some research also suggests that because video combines two of the most common methods of learning (audio and visual), it's twice as effective as simply reading an article. In other words, people watching a video can see and hear, rather than just read. Arguably meaning they'll learn twice as much, or at least be twice as informed by a video compared to reading an article.
Videos are also a lot easier to remember. This is key when trying to promote or inform your audience. Video can be engaging in multiple ways that written text simply won't achieve. Other research suggests that visual information is processed much faster by the brain and most of the stuff people remember is visual.

More engaging

This ties in with the previous point--- video content that is well produced can be much more engaging, entertaining and fun. This means promotional material is more likely to compel a viewer to act, or informational material is more likely to be remembered and learned.

Bigger audience

These days, many people prefer a simple video rather than a lengthy article. This isn't just beneficial for the reasons mentioned, but it also means your material can reach a much bigger audience. Some people will only visit YouTube now for their news, or to learn about a new subject---completely replacing traditional written media channels.

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That's why more and more content creators are moving to sites like YouTube. The audience on there is huge and much greater than every other article site out there. YouTube results often appear at the top of any Google search, which means not only is video content more engaging, but people who search for a solution or information to almost any subject will end up there first. It's not uncommon for well-made video content to have millions of views, a huge audience of people who are all far less likely to read an article on another site.

Benefits for online learning

Remote learning has become a hugely important aspect of everyday life. Now more than ever. Explainer videos, for the reasons mentioned already---have a much greater impact on helping people learn from remote locations. Creating easy-to-understand content that's more memorable is improving the educational outlook for all sorts of people in all sorts of locations.

Easy remote creation

While filming for traditional media uses like television might have been put on hold due to the pandemic, the animated video has one key benefit---it can be created remotely, practically anywhere.
Content producers don't need to film on location, everything can be produced from their own studio or at home. This means the outlook for animation is positive even under current restrictions.

There's plenty of already animated stock footage available to producers, but it's also easy for animators to create their own original content remotely. Everyone involved in the animation production process can work remotely from home, they don't even need to be in the same studio, making video productions fully compliant with distancing regulations.
All this means you can still produce high-quality video content for your audience. Whether you're looking to promote a product or inform your audience with learning material, the options available are huge. Everyone has the information they need to get started and animated material can still be as good as ever.


Producing and promoting videos online gives you the opportunity to make the most of all sorts of analytical data that could improve your operations. You'll be given access to information like how long people are watching your video, which videos are the most popular, who is clicking links after watching your content, and what the demographics of your viewers are.

This will enable you to make all sorts of informed decisions about how to create better content that might appeal to your audience even more or new decisions about how best to utilize video content for your business.

Better rankings and SEO

You probably already know about how important SEO is---as a better ranking on sites like Google can help you reach a much bigger audience and get to people who are most likely to enjoy your content.
Video content is great for SEO. The more videos you've got on your site, the more you should see your rankings improve. Especially if they're well-made videos that answer the specific needs of your audience (which they should be if you do things right).

Google puts a big emphasis on video content when deciding where to rank your site. People also spend a lot longer on sites that have video content, some estimates say up to double the time. This helps reduce bounce rates and makes sure people stay switched on to your brand for as long as possible.
You can also place keywords in your video listing which will help your SEO and ranking possibilities even more. Some research suggests that video content is up to 50 times more likely to reach the first page on Google rankings---that means producing great videos should really be a cornerstone of your efforts online.
And videos are a great way to get more traffic from sites like YouTube as well. We've already looked at the huge reach YouTube has, so if you post your content both on your own site and on there, you might see a lot more people clicking through directly without even needing to use a search engine.
Hopefully, you've already seen how great video content could be for your business. It's something you shouldn't neglect if you really want to achieve your goals online.
Having a great video is important for existing customers, but also for reaching a new audience.

Producing videos is an affordable way to grow your brand online. It's something more and more people are realizing is the only way to reach new audiences with content that's engaging, compelling, and shareable. That's why you should start producing great videos immediately.

Author Bio:

Andrew Farron works for Fable Studios, a video production agency based in Bristol, UK. Fable is a video production company that creates unforgettable multi-channel content using a highly-skilled team of Creatives, Strategists, Channel-managers, Filmmakers, and Animators.

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