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6 Vital Steps To Create An Android App Like Discord

Businesses are adopting VoIP systems rapidly. But why? What made them switch from a copper-wired telephone system? Well, there are multiples reasons for this;

  • Uninterrupted and clear voice quality
  • Complete portability
  • Increased accessibility
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced flexibility with smartphones
  • More scalability
  • Lower costs
  • Bandwidth efficiencies
  • Support multitasking

While talking about the VoIP application, we cannot forget to mention the fascinating tech innovation in the app development market - Discord. It is a VoIP app that has simplified the way of communication. Discord is helping businesses to switch from traditional systems to modern communication solutions and also we can use the Discord spoiler tag in this app. If you want to invest in creating an app like Discord, then here are the vital steps that you can follow:

6 Vital Steps To Create An Android App Like Discord


Initiate with market research to understand your target audience. Before you invest in any business plan, it is a must to know your end-users. Understand their needs and find out the best possible way to address them. Knowing your target audience will help you to deliver the relevant content. 

A business plan that does not meet users' expectations is worthless to invest in. After all, it is the end-user who will be using your products and services. It is highly recommended to go with deep research and analysis to know your audience. To avoid missing out on any area of study, you can break your research process into two parts:

Demographics: In demographic research, you will analyze the target audience's location, age, and device that they use to avail of digital services.

Behavioral Trends: Know your audience's likes and dislikes. What are they looking for on your app or website? What are those factors that push away your leads? Analyzing behavioral trends will underline your business process and task in context with users' needs. 

Choose a Monetization Model

Choosing the suitable monetization model will give you a fair idea about the user's limit of investment. Multiple monetization models are available; you can pick what best suits your business model and specifications. 


Ads inside the application cover your costs and produce income.


sell basic features free of cost. Users need to pay for additional services. 


Provide annual or monthly subscription plans for uninterrupted services.

Ad Blocker

Users can remove ads for a fee.

Create An MVP

The development of an app like Discord is not a matter of a few clicks. It takes skilled minds and experienced hands to apply to creating an app like Discord. Before you launch your final products, create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Follow the standard testing measures, and check that your products fulfill all the technical specifications.

MVP will make you understand what are those factors that attract users and also what they avoid interacting with. You can use these data in your final product, implement required changes, and deliver user-friendly products.

Hire App Development Professionals

Based on your product requirements, you can hire an app developer who has relevant skills and experience. A professional app development team will help you in and out of your project. They will help you understand the market scenario, suggest the right platform to develop an app, give you an idea about budget estimation, and follow the standard project development approach to meet the deadline.

Your development partner will implement all the required features and ensure that your app delivers seamless performance. Based on your requirements, you can contact an iOS or Android app development company to make your app perform on a specific platform. 

The development team for your app includes:

App designer
Developer / Programmer
Quality analyst
Project Manager

Promote Your App

Development and deployment of the app on a specified platform are not enough to get the competitive edge. Follow the best promotional approach to enhance your brand's visibility on digital platforms.  It's you who can develop an app, but only end-users can define its success. Let your app reach a wider audience with Kurve Marketing. Introduce it on a large scale. Invest in the app promotion and follow the standard marketing approach. Here are the ideas that you can use for your app promotion:

Set-up a Marketing Campaign
Design a landing page before launching your product. Go with the paid campaign and collect the data of interested subscribers. 

Work With Influencers
Connect with bloggers and public influencers and ask them to promote your app to reach a wide array of audiences in one go.

Advertise On Social Media
Utilize the power of social media to enhance your brand's popularity.

Organize events
Conduct conferences and events to promote your brand on a large scale.

Follow Standard Testing Method

No users want to use an app that has bugs. Ensure that your app offers seamless performance. To avoid any errors or bugs that can slow down your app performance, go with standard testing methods. To address the app functionality issues, let your app pass through various testing phases. Remove those bugs or errors that can crash your app in the future or make it less reliable. 

Below are the testing methods that you can follow:

  • Test automation
  • Localization and internationalization testing
  • End-to-end testing
  • Usability testing
  • Configuration and compatibility testing
  • Functional testing
  • Load and stress testing
  • Integration testing

Want to create an app like Discord? Don't forget to follow the factors mentioned above. Don't make random choices or follow the path that leads to time and money wastage. Before you invest, understand all the possibilities to make your project successful. The competition is extremely tough. Whether you are leading a small, large size business or launching a startup, everyone has to face a struggle to survive. 

You don't need to create multiple plans but make a limited project plan that addresses multiple market needs. Work smartly and follow the right approach to take your project in the right direction. If you have any idea in your mind, share it with a professional VoIP app development company. They will assist you and support you in creating your dream app.                                                   

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