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Top 10 eLearning Software for Businesses and Educators

Creating eLearning courses can be challenging, as you need to ensure they’ll engage your learners and maximize knowledge retention. What’s even more daunting is finding the right eLearning software for creating online courses.

There’s a wealth of different tools out there supporting the global eLearning market’s continuous growth, which should exceed the value of $374.3 billion by 2026. So how can you pick only one?

Top 10 eLearning Software for Businesses and Educators

We’ve done our homework to help you make an educated decision, so let’s dive into the top eLearning software tools for supercharging your courses.

ProProfs eLearning Authoring Software

ProProfs eLearning Authoring Software is a user-friendly tool for creating custom courses in minutes. Its library has 100+ pre-built customizable courses, but you can also make them from scratch without the need for any coding.

There are features for adding multimedia, implementing quizzes, surveys, and polls, enabling self-paced learning, branding, embedding, sharing, and monetizing your courses.

This eLearning software doubles as LMS software, providing you with a virtual classroom for tracking your learners’ progress. You can get real-time reports and analytics on performance and engagement to get an insight into your learners’ challenges and improve your courses.

ProProfs supports 70+ languages, works seamlessly across all devices, and integrates with 100+ third-party tools.


Designed for businesses, Elucidat is a comprehensive cloud-based tool for empowering L&D teams. It lets you create training courses with its pre-built templates or from scratch and customize every element, from the layout, colors, and branding to user roles and permissions.

You can localize training, add multimedia, branching scenarios, social polls, and gamification elements to make courses interactive, and integrate with any LMS software to manage your learners efficiently.

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This eLearning software lets you collaborate with multiple authors simultaneously, enjoy in-depth analytics, translate courses, and much more. It’s feature-rich, but its WYSIWYG interface makes learning how to use it a breeze.


If you’re on a tight budget, you can try Adapt, a free, open-source eLearning software for building responsive HTML5 courses. Its framework makes it excellent for developers, but you don’t need any programming knowledge to create courses.

This tool doesn’t have many features, but it has everything you need to create compelling courses. It’s intuitive, allows customizations, and has many assessment features. You can also add interactive elements and integrate them with any LMS software.

Adapt even features several forums to discuss best eLearning practices, share ideas, and learn from the community.


Tovuti is a powerful LMS software solution for creating interactive courses and engaging eLearning experiences. 

It has tons of features which include:

  • lesson gating; 
  • learning paths; 
  • video and presentation modules; 
  • milestones, microlearning; 
  • blended learning; 
  • gamification; 
  • virtual classrooms. 

It even has a built-in CMS and web design tools.

Its built-in course authoring tools with custom reports and analytics are a delight, and there are thousands of pre-built courses you can use. In addition, there are KPI dashboards, learner portals, coaching support, e-commerce capabilities for monetizing courses, and more.


Evolve is an easy-to-use authoring solution for creating responsive HTML5 courses. It has a wide range of features and ready-to-go templates, and it’s excellent for beginners.

It lets you enrich your courses with interactive presentations, quizzes, and gamification, optimize images, add resources, reuse content, auto-save your work, track learners in real-time, and more. New features roll out every two weeks.

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Evolve is all about team collaboration, allowing multiple authors to review and comment on any course section, make changes in real-time, and see them all in Live Preview.


Articulate offers two feature-rich course authoring solutions - Storyline 360 and Rise 360.

Articulate Storyline 360 requires software installation and lets you leverage PowerPoint features to design interactive, multi-device, custom courses. In addition, it supports touchscreen gestures, screencasts, simulations, content localization, and various assessment options. 

Articulate Rise 360 is cloud-based and lets you build responsive eLearning courses with ease. It comes with over seven million customizable course assets, including photos, videos, and slide templates, which feature expert tips for using them effectively.

There are even training webinars and videos to learn from industry experts and create awesome eLearning content. They come in pretty handy, as these solutions have a steep learning curve.


Easygenerator is cloud-based eLearning software that’s great for novices looking for a user-friendly solution.

It offers a resource library, customizable templates, drag-and-drop features, collaboration tools, personal coaching, third-party integration support, and performance and engagement reports.

Compared to many other tools on this list, it has limited functionalities, but it has everything you’ll ever need for creating engaging courses.


If you’re a course authoring professional, Lectora might be just what you need.

It comes with many interactive templates with gorgeous layouts, loads of design customizations, translation support, simulation and screen capture features, huge graphics libraries, and programming features for those with coding knowledge.

It has a built-in screen recording and editor, where you can edit audio files and enrich videos with text, images, transitions, and animations.

Lectora has both desktop and web-based versions and takes a bit of time to master, but it’s more than worth it.


Gomo is cloud-based eLearning software for designing responsive courses that work seamlessly across all devices.

It has plenty of advanced features, including dynamic branching, interactive scenarios and diagrams, sub-screens, animations, event triggers, and much more. In addition, it supports multimedia, progress tracking, localization, resource management, integrations, team collaboration, quizzes, flexible layouts, and more.

Despite its vast sea of features, Gomo couldn’t be more straightforward to use because simplicity is where it shines.


iSpring offers eLearning authoring and LMS software solutions.

Its authoring tool, iSpring Suite, is excellent for creating immersive PowerPoint-based courses. It has thousands of eLearning assets and supports videos, screencasts, quizzes, branching scenarios, role-play simulations, responsive design, and team collaboration.

Its cloud-based LMS solution, iSpring Learn, supports video-conferencing, gamification, customizations, localization, training management, mobile learning, third-party integrations, and insightful progress and performance reports. It also has a learner portal and is excellent for employee onboarding and training.

Do any of these eLearning software tools seem like an excellent fit for your needs? They offer free trials and demos, so take them for a test drive to play around with their features before making any commitments.

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